Mobile Ad Block (App Included)

A real Ad Blocker for (rooted) Android phones.

This is a special edition of The Lazarus. As we believe anyone has the right to block toxic online ads and there is no true ad blocker on mobile devices that can provide a clean experience, I have taken the time to developed one.

And we are giving it away, free.

If you can’t wait, simply download it here from your phone or tablet (requires root).

The Lazarus Android Ad Blocker is an app for rooted Android phones that blocks ads in web browsing sessions within any browser, as well as in apps. It works on both WiFi and when on any cellular data connection.


This brand new design and implementation are based on my extensive experience in creating ad blockers for mobile devices and I am providing this as a contribution to both the users’ and developers’ communities under the MIT open source licence.

Lazarus ad blocker was written from the ground up during the last couple of months in order to provide a baseline for creating a full fledged ad blocker for Android phones (but is a fully functional ad blocking app ready to use out of the box). I do urge developers to maintain, fork and create better versions of it.

The current version requires rooting your phone as it is easier to implement, however I plan to also provide an app that uses the Android VPN service and runs as a regular user mode app on any Android phone.

Once installed the ad blocker starts automatically, downloading the blacklists and whitelists from the web. This may take a while, but after all is downloaded it should auto-start.

The ad blocker starts after restarting your phone and is automatically enabled so you don’t have to worry about manually starting it.

We provide a way to suspend, and resume the ad blocker (via an Android top curtain button) should you encounter a website or app that are malfunctioning due to blocking.

Note that not all ads delivered over encrypted (i.e. HTTPS) traffic are blocked as we do not look into your encrypted traffic at all. However most are.

For detailed information you can visit my github.


Doron Sadeh.