The Tribes We Lead // Seth Godin [shortlet]

Meet our First – Shortlet –


As /A Colder Lazarus/ is a magazine in forming, we have decided to extend the weekly-full-article format allowing intermediate smaller pieces which carry an important enough message but do not lend themselves to full fledged articles. Ever so often we intend to  present such a short piece, namely: a shortletEach shortlet would be preceded by the Chiwawa logo, pun very much intended.

Our first shortlet is Seth Godin’s TED talk about tribes, and the contemporary need for recreating the tribal model. It is by no accident this topic is presented as a shortlet, since a full-sized article addressing the notion of tribes, social (networks) and their imminent synthesis, is in the making.

We intend to keep this SAAI (Shortlet As An Intro) approach in the future. Please write to us, tell us if you like it (or not).

And now, without further ado, let us usher in Mr. Seth Godin.